What is MASSA stand for?
MASSA is an acronym for Mobile Assessment Security Scanning Application.

What does MASSA do?
It is a security tool that provides partially automated security scanning for analyst and end-user.

Do I need to sign up for MASSA?
No. You do not need to sign up or own an account to use the MASSA app.

Can I use this app to lodge cyber security incident report to Cyber999?
Yes, you may lodge a cyber security incident report to Cyber999 via link provided in this app.

Is MASSA app free or have In-App purchase?
MASSA is available for free with no advertisement and in-app purchase feature.

Cyber999 advise me to download and use MASSA to lodge an incident report. What should I do?
First, download the MASSA app from Google Play Store and install it in your Android device. Scan your device and wait for the result. If you need to follow up with Cyber999 Analyst, provide the “Analysis ID” when replying to Cyber999.

Where can I find this “Analysis ID”?
The Analysis ID can be found at “Previous Result > Device Information > Analysis ID”, after the scanning process is completed.

Where can I download MASSA app?
MASSA app can be officially downloaded from Google Play Store in Malaysia region. We do not have any third-party installer or external download link other than Google Play Store.

How to use MASSA?
Download and install MASSA from Google Play Store. After installation is completed, click application icon on your App Drawer to run MASSA app. Allow all permissions required and scan your device. Review the result once the scanning is completed.

What are MASSA features?
MASSA is a tool that lists the following information and details about settings and applications in an Android device.
•    Summarize device information
•    Security control (ADB and unknown sources)
•    Root access
•    Custom certificate
•    Binary signature hashing
•    Application origin

Is MASSA an antivirus software?
No, MASSA is not an antivirus software and never claimed to be one.

What data and information can MASSA retrieve from my device?
We respect your privacy and we do not retrieve any personal identifiable information from your device. MASSA retrieves only technical information of the application, your device technical information and executable malicious application, if found in the device. This will enable the analysts to conduct thorough analysis on the malicious application sample.

You can review the data and information collected by MASSA by generating a full raw report at “Previous Result > View Raw Report”.