Following the recent propagation of the DNSChanger malware, MyCERT has released a tool for removing the DNSChanger malware for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The DNSChanger removal tool also includes a function to aid users to configure their DNS settings. The tool basically provides users to set their DNS to one of the following:

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Google DNS (
  • MyCERT DNSWatch (
  • Manual configuration

More information on how to remove the DNSChanger malware is available at the following URL:

You can also download this tool by clicking on the following URL: click here

(md5: 57670ddf8f6e9a9e614be5d0594d7cb9 )

The following screenshots show examples when using the DNSChanger Removal:

Figure 1. Main user interface

Figure 2. Removing the malware

Figure 3. Option for user to change their DNS setting


Feel free to contact us at honeynet[at] to give feedback or comments about this tool.