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MyCERT Advisories, Alerts and Summaries for the year 2017

MA-687.112017: MyCERT Alert – Best Practices on Safeguarding Personal Details

Date first published: 16/11/2017

1.0 Introduction
MyCERT received information from trusted parties regarding websites that request users’ personal details to check the possibility of users’ credential compromised. Based on our checking, such sites are not bound to any data privacy rules or regulations. Therefore, the personal details released to such sites may not be well protected under existing data protection acts. Furthermore, some of the sites do not provide reliable information of valid administrative and ownership of the sites.

2.0 Impact
Personal details that users release to unknown or unreliable external parties, regardless of websites or through emails, may lead to information leak and the details may be manipulated for various malicious activities on the net.

3.0 Recommendations
 Users must ensure to verify the authenticity and reliability of websites that request personal details.
 Users must not respond to messages they receive through mobile phones that request their personal details.
 Take precautions on websites that circulate through mobile phone messages that contain untrusted links that request users’ personal details.
 Additionally, they need to ensure the websites have Privacy Policy that strictly adheres to existing data protection acts. 
 Users must never share sensitive data and information with any unknown parties or websites.
 If users encounter any such websites that request personal details, they must be reported to relevant Law Enforcement Agencies.
 If you suspect your personal details have been leaked or manipulated for malicious activities, you need to lodge a police report at a nearby police station with evident.
 Avoid sharing personal details or private information on social networking sites, online instant messaging and SMS.
 Contact your respective Internet Service Provider and Law Enforcement Agency for further assistance, when required.

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