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MA-662.052017: MyCERT Alert – Circulation of Recent Hoax Messages

Date first published: 23/5/2016

1.0 Introduction
MyCERT received several reports regarding from Malaysian Internet users regarding the circulation hoax messages that rides on WannaCry ransomware. 
The hoax messages are currently circulated on social media network and WhatsApp messages. 

Hoax message is a fake story that is made up to be circulated in the social media or any communication means either for no reason or to create mass panic. In this case, the said hoax messages are currently riding on the recent WannaCry ransomware.

Alert on the WannaCry ransomware is available at:

2.0 Sample Recent Hoax Messages
Below are the screenshots of the hoax messages:

Figure 1: Hoax message #1.

Figure 2: Hoax message #2.

3.0 Recommendations
Listed below are recommended best practices:

1. Do not simply trust and circulate any messages coming from unknown sources.

2. Please verify with the respective parties should you need more information and clarification regarding the authenticity of the message.

3. Do not click on suspicious URL or attachments sent through social media messaging services. Malicious program could be attached to collect user's information.

4. Always run a reputable anti-virus on your mobile device, and keep it up to date regularly. Some examples are:




5. If your mobile device is infected with a malware, it is best to Reset the smartphone and immediately install reputable antivirus software to protect and secure your devices.

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4.0 References